Clark County, Kentucky was formed in 1793.  The County was created in 1792 from Bourbon and Fayette Counties and is named for Revolutionary War hero General George Rogers Clark.

Clark County, Kentucky actually began as Bourbon County, Virginia in 1785, when it was separated from Fayette County, Kentucky (previously also in Virginia ). It comprised a much larger area than the present-day Bourbon County.

Pioneer Stations

Clark County’s heritage is very rich and steeped in history.  At least nineteen pioneer stations or settlements are believed to have been established in the area.  Among these were:

  • Strode's Station (1779), near Winchester
  • McGee's Station (circa 1780), near Becknerville
  • Holder's Station (1781), on Lower Howard's Creek
  • Boyle's Station (circa 1785), one mile west of Strode's Station

Early Settlers

Among the early settlers was a group of forty Baptist families led by Capt. William Bush, who settled on Lower Howard's Creek in 1775. In 1793 the group erected the Old Stone Meeting House.

Clark County Courthouse

The Courthouse in Clark County, the fourth building on this site, was built in 1853 and still houses the Circuit Courtroom and Family Courtroom for the Administrative Office of the Courts.